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Title: Equus Burchelli

Catalog Number: 1107

Medium: Acrylics and Oils on Canvas

Dimensions: 280 cm x 145 cm

Price: R 65000.00

Framed: No

South African Artist Ian van Zyl

Ian van ZylIan was born in Kimberley, South Africa and was raised on the family farms in the district. He started drawing and painting at an early age, inspired by the immense open spaces and wild animals that were part of his daily life.

After completing his school education at Grey College with Art as a subject he furthered his studies at the Johannesburg School of Art and is now an accomplished and sought after fine artist. Ian embarks on an extended field trip into the bush every year often spending long periods alone into the remote parts of South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.

It is here that he finds his greatest inspiration - these experiences and his love of wildlife and specifically the Kalahari is reflected in the sensitivity of his wildlife art and landscapes. He is married to Elizabeth, a Birmingham lass who is his fiercest critic and staunchest ally of some 41 years standing.

His corporate clients include companies like Rio Tinto, First National Bank, De Beers, Seasons in Africa, Royal Madikwe, Ernst and Young, Delloitte and Touche and his work hangs in many private collections across the world.

Ian is committed to conservation and regularly supports worthy organisations like Wildlands Conservation Trust, The Game Rangers Association, The S.P.C.A and WESSA. His concern for endangered species and our environment is reflected in Ian's poem "The Message". (See below).

He regularly exhibits in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg and has shown work in successful exhibitions in New York, Birmingham and at the prestigious auction of Wildlife Art held by Christies of London.

If you are in Umhlanga and wish to visit Ian's studio/gallery, please phone 031 566 4411 or email for more details.

Poem by Ian van Zyl

The broken bones of man and beast reflects our depth of understanding – the landscape is contorted with the scars of ”development”, the skies weep ozone and acid.....
But’s that ok, let somebody else do something about it!

The anguished cry of a gut-shot animal – the soul-piercing wail of a hungry child – the shriek of a raptor trapped in power lines.....
That’s ok – let someone else worry!
We are killing our children’s world by our passive acceptance of overpopulation and pollution
OK – not my problem!
Let ART then be the messenger and make us look at the things we don’t want to see, hear the sound we refuse to hear –

By Ian van Zyl